About us

Sunny Food LLC is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of breakfast cereals and healthy food products. The company was founded in 2003. We strive to be leaders in innovation, development and production that are an easy and tasty way to health, beauty and harmony.

The company's policy is based on uncompromising product quality control at all stages of production and distribution. To accomplish this task, we carefully check the raw material base, control the sanitary condition of production and storage facilities, select responsible and competent personnel. The annual passage of an independent audit of quality and safety control according to the IFC international standard at the European Center for Food Quality and Hygiene Management provides us with complete confidence in the correctness of our policy.

Doctor Benner is glad to have new partners.

«Sunny Food LLC» products actively cooperate with leading Ukrainian and international retail chains, including: Auchan, Silpo, ATB Market, Velyka Kishenya, Novus, Tavria, Alliance Market. The plant's products are presented in more than 15,000 retail outlets.

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Over time, work with retail chains has grown into closer cooperation. Since 2003, we have been actively developing the Private Label direction and today the plant's products are sold under the following brands: Thebabyfarm, China (muesli, granola, nuts), Crane, China (granola), Fresh Box, Belarus ( muesli), "Hercules", Ukraine (muesli, flakes), TM "Ekolend", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Aliska", Ukraine (cereals, breakfast cereals), TM "Prize", Ukraine (breakfast cereals, muesli), TM "Polnaya chasha", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Our product", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Extra", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Narodnaya", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Furshet", Ukraine (muesli , crunches, breakfast cereals, oatmeal), TM "Saturday", Ukraine (muesli), TM "Nora", Romania, Moldova (muesli), etc.